Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Spinning the summer away

As always this summer blew right by me. Part of me always dreads the summer and the non stop busy days at work that the summer reading program brings. Add to that a family emergency (everything is good now) and nonstop weekend shifts I have barely had any time this summer. My vegetable garden is doing well but sadly I have not uploaded any photos of that lately. My other gardens are full of weeds and struggling but since those don’t give me my beloved tomatoes I’m not that concerned at the moment. Back in July I did participate in Tour De Fleece, just not the way I would have wanted. I had lofty goals that were squashed when the more important aspects of life came about. I was just happy to find a few moments of calm and spin whatever I could. Last year I was unable to attend Rhinebeck so my friends picked out a bump of fiber so I wouldn’t be left out. They came back with this:
Frabjous Fibers Mermaid Tail in “Purple People Eater,” it is a blend of wool and seacell.

Tour de Fleece Spinning


That’s 696 yards of a heavy lace weight that will be paired with this mystery fiber:

mystery fiber

New project

That’s 670 yards of a heavy lace weight, maybe merino/tencel.


I spun these two for Andrea’s Shawl from Through the Loops. I really like how they look together and think they will make a lovely shawl.

I also joined All Spun Up’s summer spin along; the colorway is “Down to Earth” a merino/silk blend.

YIP 6/26/11

YIP 6/29/11

I managed a very thin lace weight, 1,150 yards out of 4 ounces. This has knit up into a beautiful and very large Citron that is nearly finished; it was placed on scrap yarn in order to start my Andrea’s Shawl for the Through the Loops KAL.

Next up cookies!

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