Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Gift Giving

The last few projects I’ve made have all been gifts, which isn’t like me at all. I usually knit for myself and hardly give anything to anyone but there were a few special occasions that just begged to have something made. First up my knitting group has been cooking up some babies so I found the perfect gifts for the little shower we gave them.

Smith and mushroom

Smith and the wee mushroom went to a dear friend who loves all things hedgehogs and mushrooms.

Wee elephant

Wee elephant

Peanut went to my other dear friend who loves elephants. This was my first foray into sewing stuffed animals. The directions were not very clear and caused much grumbling and ripping out of seams, but in the end I was able to find a photo tutorial that helped greatly. I still wasn’t able to piece it together in the order that is instructed but with much fudging he came out alright.

I also made another one for my cousin’s daughter’s christening.

Wee elephant

While we were on vacation (more on that in another post that I’m still writing up) one of my coworkers discovered that she has breast cancer. She is currently going through chemotherapy and is expected to make a full recovery. I knew that she was nervous about loosing her hair and found the wig to be incredibly hot and itchy so I thought that a nice cotton hat would help.

YIP 06/23/11

I was able to knit this in under a week, just in time to give it to her before I transferred buildings. I hope that this hat comforts her during her recovery.

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Julie said...

what wonderful gifts!! That's so great that your crafty skills can give people some comfort and joy. Who doens't love knitted and crafted softies and hats?!