Thursday, April 07, 2011

You know, your coat is kind of a brownish color...


I am totally head over heels in love with a sweater! Aidez has been popping up all over my flickr stream and my friend’s activity on Ravelry. Every time I was browsing through Ravelry I would always come back to Aidez and admire all 627 projects, longing for my own. When my birthday came around I spent the money on three skeins of Cascade Ecological wool in a lovely brown color. I had to hold off knitting this beautiful sweater so that I could finish a pair of socks for my mom’s birthday, but as soon as those were done that sweater was on my needles.
Aidez finished!

Cascade Eco is a bit thinner than the yarn that the Berroco Peruvia Quick the pattern calls for so my gauge was way off!  I figured out that if I knitted the 48 size that I would get somewhere between the 40 and 44.  I read through many knitter's comments about the sleeves being too tight so I knit the largest size but fudged with the decrease rows to match the body of the sweater.  This sweater took me just over two weeks, which is also the same amount of time it took me and Scott to get through Firefly and Serenity for the umpteenth time.  Aidez

I did fix the cables so that they were the correct way but managed to screw up the ear of corn pattern.  I read it as skip the first stitch and knit through the back loop between the two stitches. Instead it should be skip the first stitch, from behind, knit through the back loop and then knit the skipped stitch. I knitted both fronts at the same time so I was consistent with the error.  Normally I would have ripped the entire thing out but the weather is getting warmer and I really wanted to wear this at least once before I have to put it away for the season.   I also didn’t realize that there was a purl ridge after the ribbing. Oh well. Although I really should read patterns more carefully before and while knitting.


I finally have a wearable that I absolutely love!


Julie said...

Yours is gorgeous!! I love the colour choice, it looks so great in that rich brown. Love it!

Liz said...

Now that is a Rhinebeck sweater if I ever saw one!