Sunday, April 03, 2011

KCBW Day 7

Day seven: Your knitting and crochet time.

I craft every single day. Five minutes here, and hour there, whenever I find myself with idle hands I always try to occupy them. While at work I will bring a project with me to work on at lunch or on a break. After dinner has been cleaned up and Scott and I settle in to watch tv I’ll pick up some spinning or knitting. While waiting on long lines at the store or waiting for a table or a movie to start I’ll pick up the project that is stashed in my bag. In the past I would knit in the car every chance I had, but after the accident I feared it would be possible to impale myself with my needles if ever in another accident. Only in recent months have I started to knit in the car again but not with the same fervor I once had.

Once a month I go to the spinning guild meeting where I either knit or spin with some wonderful ladies and gentlemen. There we discuss our craft and learn new techniques and other wonderful fiber related facts. It was there that I met a young lady who invited me to a knit night. Now every week I meet up with these wonderful ladies who have become some of my closest friends to craft.

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