Thursday, September 27, 2007

We interrupt this blog to bring you this special post

My sweetie has been asking me if I’ve shown everyone his work, so today I present his completed works for all to see.

This is his first large cross stitch project:

We sent in a picture of his first dog to a company who created the chart for him to use. I had his piece framed with the picture and the framer wrote his dog’s name in calligraphy.

The next piece we have framed is entitled “The Wave” which everyone thinks is a painting.

The Wave

His most recent finish is entitled “Artic Antics”
Artic Antics
(click all photos for a larger view)

His work makes me jealous; there a few pieces that I’ve started that I’ve never finished. I wish I had his determination.


Kim said...

Very impressive!

I love the one of his dog--what a great way to remember a pet. I'll have to keep that in mind.

So can I send him a couple of pieces to finish for me ;)

Liz said...

He does amazing work. Those are beautiful and they do look more like paintings. Is it counted cross stitch?

Kristy said...

Very cool! Did you know there's cross stitch computer software? I used PCStitch to make a couple of charts from pictures. It works pretty well.

Laurie said...

Absolutely beautiful work! Are they done on linen?

DH & I have done counted cross stitch. They work is so amazing when it's complete.