Thursday, October 04, 2007


Well if it is October then it must be Socktoberfest! Normally I set these crazy goals for myself that I could never dream of reaching, so for this socktoberfest I have four main goals:
1. Finish the second sock for my Hogwarts Sock Swap Pal.
2. Finish one crazy (Cable Net) sock for another pal.
3. Finish my Norbert socks and write up the pattern for everyone.
4. Knit a pair of knee highs.

Here’s a peek at my sock for my Hogwarts Sock Swap Pal:

I’m waiting on the yarn for my other pal. I ordered some yarn from Adam for this swap; I think that I’ll use the green for my pal and the red for a pair of Baudelaire.

This will be used for the knee highs. I’ve been sitting on this yarn since last Socktoberfest, is it a 500 yrd. skein of Scout’s Superwash Merino in “Socktoberfest.”

If I can finish any of these I’ll be happy.
“Fawkes” in STR “Firebird”

Merino Lace
Merino Lace Socks in STR “Midsummers Night”

Bayerische socks in STR “Sunstone” which is actually finished but I haven’t been home when it has been sunny. Hopefully tomorrow afternoon I’ll get a good photo.

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