Friday, January 07, 2011

Heathcliff, my love.

Not too long ago I snatched up a merino/silk/bamboo blend from Funky Carolina in the colorway “Hermione.”

Funky Carolina

I just couldn’t resist the colors or the fibers. I knew that I wanted to make a nice warm shawl and thought that the “Wandering the Moor” pattern would be a perfect fit. The colors also make me think of the heather on the moors, or what I think they look like since I have never seen them. I set out spinning it with a particular weight in mind. I wanted it a bit thinner than this yarn

Cherry Blossom

But thicker than this one

YIP 2.26.09

Unfortunately I failed and instead of a nice middle ground of around 500 yards I only managed 388.


I think it was the fiber content that threw me a bit. It spun like a dream but when I plied it the singles puffed a bit more than I’m accustomed to. It made a very lovely squishy yarn but not nearly as thin as I intended.

The simple pattern lends itself to handspun yarn very nicely. While the pattern is very well written I couldn’t help myself and added a few changes. I like my triangular shawls to have a spine; it allows the pattern to be balanced. If the shawl does not have a decorative edging a simple two stitch garter stitch edge will do; this makes it so much easier to block. Since I added the spine I had to adjust the lace part a bit, incorporating the increased stitches into the lace. I don’t really remember what I did there since I winged it as I went along.

Wandering the Moor


It is a bit smaller than I wanted, even after I added another repeat of the lace at the edge. I also wanted a more scalloped edge than that pattern calls for so between the points I k3, sl1 k2tog psso. It isn’t as pointy as I wanted but it will do.

Wandering the Moor

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