Friday, November 12, 2010

A toasty fall

This summer I joined my first All Spun Up Spin-A-Long which was so much fun! She was offering two fiber colors, Goldfish wearing a Tutu and Koi pond along with a mystery fiber within the theme of fish. As soon as I saw Koi pond I knew that it would be perfect for Scott and I wanted to take a chance on the mystery color. Both fibers were Polwarth, which I have never spun before. I found the wool to be a bit sticky while drafting and needed to predraft the fiber to make it easier to spin.

my sal fiber arrived!

Koi pond is on the left and ‘A somewhat Seussish Trout’ is on the right.

Since this wool is not as soft as I’m accustomed to I thought that they would make wonderful mitts but that meant I needed to spin them a bit thicker than the lace I love to spin.


koi pond

In hindsight I should have spun the Koi Pond a bit thinner for a bit more yarn but it worked out in the end.



My mitts come nearly to my elbows while Scott’s reach just past his wristwatch.



I used the Toasty pattern as a guide, adding a garter stitch edging on top and bottom to prevent curling. I did run out of yarn on Scott’s mitts and barely eked out the thumbs but he does like them and that’s all that matters.

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knottygnome said...

i still haven't spun my koi pond or my goldfish wearing a tutu. the mitts look great! i think both of my remaining braids will be socks someday.