Friday, November 05, 2010

Parliament of Owls

I have always loved owls; I think that they are extremely fascinating.  Some time back I stumbled upon this great owl pattern by Hansi Singh that I knew one day I would knit.  I felt that Vincent was getting a bit lonely, and maybe I was a bit influenced by the Guardians of Ga’Hoole movie, but for whatever reason I cast on for my very own owl.  I started a Great horned owl, but for some reason he fell by the wayside.  

He needs a name

He also needs a name, so if anyone out there has a good one let me know!

I altered the pattern a little to knit myself a snowy owl.


Instead of knitting sharp decreases I rounded the eyes a bit more by evening out the decreases.  Both owls are knitting with Patons wool from the local hobby store.  The white for the snowy owl is tweeded with blue but from a distance it looks more like black.  I named her Archimedes, I know I’m nerdy but I’m ok with that. 


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