Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Back in August, (I have such a back log of blog material including a trip to London we took in May) I was one of the lucky people to test knit Kirsten’s new design Roma. Just a few months ago the Socks that Rock club shipment was a spirit color, Sweet Pea, a very pale yellow/green yarn. While I liked the yarn, I really couldn’t see it becoming socks, not the way I wear socks down. The soles would be a dirty mess in no time! I knew that it would be perfect for Roma. I also really loved a past shipment, Tide Pooling, but unfortunately some carpet beetles from the apartment complex got into that yarn and put holes in the skein. So I ripped out that sock in progress and cut the yarn anywhere it was weak and knew that I would have enough strong yarn for the edge of Roma. I think that the colors go well.


Roma Shawl

It was a fun and quick knit; the pattern can be memorized pretty quickly. I love knitting shawls out of thicker yarn for those colder days. This would be wonderful tucked into a warm winter coat, and the color combinations are endless!

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Siga said...

Beautiful. The edging turned out really nice.