Friday, November 06, 2009

If you didn't already know that I am a nerd...

Last February Scott gave me the very fast flyer for my Lendrum so I could spin lace weight. The first yarn I spun on it was a merino/tencel blend from Spunky Eclectic called 'Walking on the Sun.'

Walking on the Sun

I started out with 4 oz hoping that it would be enough to knit the Woodland Shawl. The colors of the yarn made me think about what Mallorn trees would look like. For those who don't know what Mallorn trees are, read about them here. The yarn and the pattern were a perfect fit! I started it in March of '08 and knit until my brother's graduation in May of that same year. The pattern was very easy to memorize so it was the perfect project to take on the trip up to Oswego. Unfortunately I ran out of yarn just as we reached the University on the first day of a long weekend.


I ordered more fiber knowing that the color wouldn't match perfectly but I didn't mind. I spun up another 2 oz, and the final 2 oz languished in my bin for months. I really wanted to finish this shawl/stole in time to wear to the 21st Century Orchestra's Lord of the Rings the Fellowship of the Ring in October. The deadline was quickly approaching and I needed to spin and knit like a fiend. I was able to finish the knitting the week before the show and block it the night before. It was still damp when I unpinned the best but we did need our bed back to sleep on that night. I wore it pinned with Arwen's broach with pride.

Mallorn Shawl

It isn't as wide as I would want a stole to be, although I did wear it like one to the show. I think in the future I will wear this more like a scarf, doubled up and looped through itself. I wore it around Rhinebeck that way and it kept me pretty warm.

Mallorn Shawl

If you look closely you can see the difference in the spinning, the first half of the shawl has my very first attempts at lace weight yarn and the second lighter half is smoother and more even. I have been assured by many people that I'm nuts and no one can see the difference. I wouldn't want this piece to be any other way, I love that you can see a short history of my spinning.

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