Monday, November 02, 2009

Rhinebeck '09

We got a late start this year, completely my fault, arriving around 9:40am and then had to wait on quite a large line to get into the fairgrounds. While it was cold, I was really glad that the weather held out and stayed dry for the day. I wish I took more pictures, especially since I met so many great people this year but I just wasn't thinking. My shoulder was killing me about halfway through the day which distracted me, so if I seemed off or rude to anyone I apologize, I wasn't really myself.

We grabbed some lunch from the Polish food vendor and was able to catch a pretty cool frisbee demonstration with some interesting dogs.


Of course there were cute animals:

Puff heads


Leicester Longwool

Dust Bunny

This came home with me
Rhinbeck haul

8oz Sea wool from Creatively Dyed, 4 oz Merino/bamboo from Fiber Optic, 1oz Angora Rabbit wool, Sheep Incognito picture for our new house, Socks that Rock Medium weight Rare Gem for socks for Scott, and Socks that Rock medium weight mill end for me.

I also met a bunch of lovely people I have only ever known on Flickr, however I forgot that I had a camera with me when I meet everyone!

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