Thursday, February 12, 2009

January's Socks

One pair, in the loosest meaning of the word, of socks down for January! I want to try to knit down my WIPS and single socks while also finishing two socks a month with hopes that by the end of the year I will have knit 24 socks and hopefully have some matching pairs that I can wear. Scott had commented a few weeks ago that his feet were cold and that he wished he had another pair of wool socks to keep his feet warm. I began to feel a bit guilty because it has been so long since I finished anything for him. Before everyone begins to judge me he does wear a size 12 shoe so I could almost knit a pair of socks for me in the amount of time it takes to knit one for him. For our first anniversary we went to Boston and I picked up some yarn for socks for both of us, almost two years later I finally finished one sock for him.

Scott's sock

This is retro rib sock in Claudia Hand Painted knitted on size 2 double points. I really do like this pattern but the yarn was a poor choice for this pattern. I knew that going in, I was desperate to find a man approved sock pattern. I really should have knitted a plain stockinette sock but that would have driven me to madness. He likes it though and that is all that matters, he would however enjoy the other sock.

I also have been feeling a bit guilty that I have yet to finish any socks from last years Rockin Sock Club so while I knit the current club socks I also wanted to finish the ones I started last year. Leafling was the closest to being finished so I whipped that one off the needle. I’m not sure how I like the toe:



I modified it so the leaf pattern comes to a point but I started doing so too late and by time I finished and needed to finish shaping the anatomical toe it was too long and I needed to decrease too quickly. I may rip back in do a standard toe instead or just rip out the kitchener and decrease a bit more so it looks a bit better.

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