Saturday, January 31, 2009

You know that it is a great pattern when you knit it twice!

As soon as I finished my mittens Scott asked me if I could knit him a pair. Of course feeling guilty that I don’t finish anything for him I conceded especially when he asked if we could go find the yarn that weekend. So we went to a LYS that I’m not too fond of but I wanted to get the yarn to start this project right away with hopes of finishing them in time for my birthday. Scott of course picked out his favorite colors orange and blue. Can you see a pattern here? I’ve got a huge Mets fan in the house.

Scott's Fiddlehead

I finished the first outer shell in a flash; it only took me a day and a half. However the lining gave me trouble once again. I had planned that the pair would be done for our trip into the city for my birthday but they weren't. I did finish the second outer shell while on the train and waiting to be let into the Daily Show with Jon Stewart (which was wonderful!) and I hope that the lining will be completed in time for Valentine's Day.

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