Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Catch up part 4

My mom taught me to knit when I was little, maybe about five years old. Like many children as I grew up I lost interest while in my teen years but as I left for college I asked her to show me how again. While in college I visited a beautiful yarn store not too far from where the school was. It was there that I learned how to read patterns and took a class on how to knit a sweater. Looking back I really should have gone there more. When I graduated from college I wanted to learn how to make socks and from there it just snowballed. My mom always admired my work and asked for me to knit her something. Over the years I made her some mitts, and two pairs of socks but this Christmas I wanted to make her something very special. I could not think of anything more special than spinning the yarn myself and then turning it into a beautiful shawl.

I began spinning some beautiful red roving from Spunky Eclectic on my very fast flyer. It was a learning experience as I was still very new to spinning.

Labor of Love

turned into this
Labor of Love part 2

which then was knitted into the Garden Party Shawl
Garden Party



I am the most proud of this project than anything else I've knitted. I learned so much along the way through spinning and knitting. The pattern is written very well, the construction is something new to me. The center leaf panel is knitted first, then the sides one at a time, you then knit across the entire thing to finish the body of the shawl, finally the edging is picked up from the live stitches. Over all this was a very fun and quick shawl to knit. My mom is absolutely over the moon with her new shawl!

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