Sunday, January 04, 2009

Catch Up part 2

I had grand plans for hand made gifts this year and I was well on the way to actually doing it before Christmas until the accident happened. This January my brother will be going to his first grown up job in the corporate world so I found the best gift ever, the crocheted Corporate Zombie from Creepy Cute Crochet. I picked up this book and instantly had to start making an army of cute. My first attempt was the monkey to decorate Scott's desk at work.
Scott's Monkey

I love how his came out; I really think that the clay eyes really make this little guy. I started to make and assemble the corporate zombie, the cyber zombie(my brother is a huge World of Warcraft player) and the ninja. The day of the accident I finished the ninja:


This picture isn't the best because I had to take it inside at night but you get the idea. I will finish the others for him soon and continue to build an army of cute!

With my mom's and brother's help I was able to finish and stuff this little heart sachet with the pine needles from the first Christmas Tree that Scott and I put up during our first year of marriage.

Heart Sachet

This was knitted from left of Socks that Rock in Mustang Sally from the first year of the Rocking Sock Club.

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