Sunday, January 04, 2009

Catch Up Part 1

A new year has arrived and I have made it my resolution to make the effort to blog more. I had planned to blog about my trip to Chicago and a FO but in early December my husband Scott, myself, and two of our closest friends were hit head on by a drunk driver on a Sunday night. Scott broke his wrist, our friends have whiplash and since I was leaning forward to play with the radio my collar bone snapped nearly in two. We were all badly bruised, my worst was around my pelvis which at one point everyone was concerned that it was also broken. We are all on the mend but it will be a slow and painful process. Finally after nearly a month I am finally able to knit again because the bruising has gone down on my hand.

Chicago was lovely, not at all cold or windy when we went. It was nice to have Thanksgiving with relatives that we hardly see. This was the first time Scott has celebrated a holiday with his father's parents. Wednesday we took the train from his grandparent's house into the city and did all the touristy stuff you can cram into a day. We went to the top of Sears Tower and saw the skyline:


and the Hancock Building:


Took photos at the Bean:


I'm sporting my new Koolhaas knit from malabrigo yarn in bijou blue. This was knit in two days, because the first attempt was too small and I desperately wanted to finish it before we went on the plane.

We also visited the Art Institute of Chicago and hit up Loopy Yarns where I picked up some Koigu yarn for Twilight Mitts and some Colinette Jitterbug.




I really love the little bag that they gave me with my purchase. I would love to have a shop like that close by, I could have easily bought up a lot more but I was trying to be good.

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Joanne a/k/a Punkin said...

Glad you're back up and running.
Very sorry about the accident.

Nice souvenirs!