Saturday, July 05, 2008

Head over heels

I finally finished spinning up the last of my Pigeon Roof Studios SW Merino in Blossom and felt the urge to knit it up into something beautiful. Since I bought 8oz knee high socks seemed to be the best way to use this pretty roving. Originally I was thinking of plain stockinette knee highs, but then I was browsing through some of my Interweave magazines and found the Spiral Boot Socks and thought that it would be a perfect match.
I love this more...
close up

I used a size 2 needle and decreased when my leg narrowed instead of following the instructions this paired with the fact that my handspun is slightly thicker than the sock yarn called for I was able to get this knee high to fit my shapely calf perfectly. Although as I was wearing this around the apartment (yes only one is done but I didn’t care, I love this more than anyone should love their knitted socks) it started to slouch. When the other is knit, I think I’ll add a cute ribbon to the top to make it stay better.

While I do love this sock so much, almost enough to cast on right away for its mate, the need for wool knee highs isn’t so great in the 90 degree heat. My attention has turned to the Apres Surf Hoodie that I am under the delusion that I can knit quickly, quick enough to beat the chill from the air conditioning at work. More on that the next time, along with my mom’s shawl.

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