Friday, May 16, 2008


I have finally gone back to spinning this,
with hopes that I may yet knit a pair of knee highs that will fit my rather peasant like legs perfectly. Also I may be a bit tired of seeing red at the moment. Project spectrum has flown out of the window these past two months because of deadline knitting. Much of what I have knitted is meant for a new baby that will arrive later this year. Elijah 2.0 now has a body and I have begun to knit one (or three) of these.

Grrr backside

Grrr is such a quick knit that is easily memorized that I don’t believe that I could knit just one.

However I have discovered something that has impeded all other activities for a while. I am currently, as my husband has told me, obsessed with this series. The first book has be on my ‘to read’ list for quite a while however I could never seem to get my hands on this book. Finally this Tuesday Twilight came in and I finished it last night; I immediately had to go out and buy the second book to know what happens. So please excuse me while I stop knitting, spinning and leave this blog even more neglected than normal so I can finish what is already publish and then wait with bated breath for the fourth and final book in the series. However I must wait a few more days to really read New Moon because I am off to proudly watch my little brother graduate from college this weekend. I am looking forward to the familiar drive as we pass our alma mater and head a little further north through alpaca country. I hope that we can stop so I can pick up some alpaca to spin.

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