Monday, October 29, 2007

Rhinebeck 2007

I have been looking forward to Rhinebeck for the last year and a half. I wanted to go last year however I had to take an exam that I could not skip so I did the adult thing and took the exam. This year I was so excited to be going to Rhinebeck that I couldn’t sleep the few nights before Saturday. My sweetie said that he would go with me (i.e. he would drive so I could knit the entire way up) so we left at 6 in the morning to make the two and a half hour trip.

I haven’t seen a sunrise in a long time; this one was beautiful. When we travel early somehow we always manage to go over a bridge right around sunrise; which always makes for a beautiful drive.

We stopped paying attention to where we were going because we were chatting too much and got a little turned around. However we managed to get back on track and arrive at the fairgrounds around 9:15am. Our first stop we hit the souvenir booth where I picked up a Sheep and Wool tote (which came in handy).
Then we booked it straight to the Fold to pick up Socks that Rock. I know that I can buy it online, but I wanted to check out the colors in person and have Scott pick out a color. I picked up STR in “Downpour”

Scott picked “Lucy in the Sky”
Lucy in the Sky

The line wasn’t too bad; we were waiting maybe about 15 minutes. While online I was eyeing the sheep to shoe kit, but without a wheel there was no point in purchasing one. Also while waiting I ran into Ann who introduced me to Cara.

Then I stopped by Tongue River Farms to pick up some sock yarn, which I am thinking of using for some knee highs from Meg Swansen’s Knitting.

Then off to the Blogger/Ravelry meetup.

Where I meet up with Kristy.

Scott and grabbed some lunch and then we were off to find yarn for “Bird’s-
Eye Mittens for Scott from Rowan’s Knitting for Him. We finally found some yarn in the right colors and the right softness for him from Green Mountain Spinnery.
Mountain Mohair in “Raven” and “Wintergreen.”

We stopped for a bite to eat and Scott says that if my parents are still willing to split the cost of the wheel that we can bring one home. So I called my parents right away and got the green light, I was about to purchase a Lendrum double treadle before we left the fair.
I picked up 4 oz of Merino Top in “Denim” from Stony Mountain Fibers.

Then I picked up some Merino/Tussah from Clover Leaf Farms in “Concord.”

Scott liked “Red” (again Merino/Tussah from Clover Leaf).

Then we went back to get my wheel from the WoolRoom. I purchased a Lendrum Double Treadle Complete with a pound of Coopworth.
While Scott was paying I went back to Skaska Designs to see is they still had some cashmere I was eyeing.

This may be the most luxurious yarn that I’ve ever purchased. I’ve finally learned my lesson and decided to purchase high quality yarn for a project that will become an heirloom. This yarn, although 60 yards short, is destined to become the Lily of the Valley Shawl from Lace Style.

Scott with my haul
We both had a great time at the Festival. We didn’t make it to the Ravelry Party but there’s always next year.
Other highlights:
Sheep Dogs

Sheep (I get a kick out of the “Naked” sheep)



Meeting Jess and Casey

My newly finished shawl:

Pattern: Icarus
Needles: Addi Turbos Lace US 3
Yarn: Alpaca with a Twist Fino in “Rose Petal”

This was my lunch project; I kept it in my work bag and took it out on lunches, two days a week I was able to work on it for at least a half hour. I started around June and finished October 17.
Please excuse the bad hair; these photos are at the very end of a long day.


Kristy said...

Yay, I'm glad you were able to go this year! You got some great things, too. I really like the Green Mountain Spinnery yarn :) Enjoy spinning on your new wheel!

Glenna C said...

The Icarus looks great! I think I remember seeing it in the crowds on the weekend :D