Monday, May 15, 2006

Manic Monday

It has been almost two months since I blogged… my was that a hectic two months. My wedding in is one week! Next Monday at 5:30pm I will be walking down the aisle to my best friend. When everyone asks me if I am getting nervous about it I am not quite sure how to reply. I don’t think that it has fully hit me yet. These last two months have been so crazy with planning a wedding, working and writing 100+ pages (I kid you not) in papers for Grad School. The semester only ended a few days ago so I have been zombie-like in the mean time. I am calling it PTSS, Post Traumatic Semester Shock. For the last two months the only thing that I have been doing is planning a wedding and writing papers and finishing homework from the moment that I wake up (7am!) to the moment I go to sleep. I have a couple of weeks off then as soon as I return from the honeymoon the summer semester begins. I have 12 credits remaining in order to earn my degree so I am taking 6 over the summer and 6 in the fall and I will have my Masters in my hands in January! Now I normally love school, I always have; however after this program I will never step foot back in school. I cannot stand school anymore. After discussing this with my co-workers I have found that there is just something about Library School that makes everyone crazy; no one ever wants to go back ever again. I’m glad that the end is in sight.

When the semester ended I celebrated by dyeing some KnitPicks dye your own sock weight yarn with Kool-Aid. It came out great and was so simple. I took a bunch of pictures and will post them tomorrow along with a million other pictures that I have been meaning to blog about. My dad visited an alpaca farm while turkey hunting last week and picked me up some wonderful alpaca in "Martha's Vineyard" (color not shown). It was so funny trying to find out what weight yarn he bought. It turns out that he picked up 400yds of sport-fingering weight yarn that will make a nice shawl/scarf. I choose to knit Sivia Harding’s Diamon Fantasy Scarf. I was looking for an easy lace project that was not as large as a full-size shawl. I have been itching to knit myself a shawl but am not a 100% sure that I would ever really wear one, so this project is perfect because I can wear it as a scarf also.

In other knitting news, I am almost finished with Eunny’s argyle deep v-neck vest and the second Cedar Creek sock from the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Sock Club. The second mailing should be coming soon so I really want to finish these socks that way I can start the new ones as soon as they arrive.

There will be lots of pictures tomorrow!

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