Friday, February 03, 2006

Here We Go

With my second semester of grad school underway and being just outside the three month mark of the wedding I’m starting to feel the stress. I’m not terribly stressed, it is just every time I sit down to do something that isn’t wedding or school related I feel like I am wasting time. Hopefully I’ll get all these nerves out way before the wedding. I’m really staying on top of my school work this semester which is completely unlike me. Last semester I had so much to do and I fell so far behind that I almost couldn’t handle it. However I think that was due to the fact that taking 12 credits and working at a really crappy job for 30 hours a week. Now that I have changed jobs and truly love what I do my mood has changed. I don’t dread going to work; I actually cannot wait until I have to go.

Despite the fact that I have cut down the hours I work drastically I do not think that I will have as much time to do my crafty things as I did over vacation. I tend to keep my knitting in sight because it is always easier to pick up than my cross stitching. Right now, living with my parents I do not have a corner where I can keep all my threads out and organized, or a place to keep my chart or fabric. This makes it so much harder to work on it so unfortunately I will progress on Arwen and Aragorn as quickly as I had hoped. Here is my latest progress:

I have also joined the Knitting Olympics over at The Yarn Harlot's site (link is on the side of my blog). I will be knitting the Branching Out scarf from Wish my luck and cheer on all the other athletes!

Tomorrow's my birthday!!!!!!!!!


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Christine said...

Happy Birthday Christine (a bit late but i discovered your new blog on HAED BB).
I hope you will be happy all along this new year and will stitch with desire.
Christine (France)