Friday, January 27, 2006

My first post

I know that “Needle in my Vein,” sounds a little dark but I like it! Otherwise I would never have decided on that for the name of my blog. I have been told that my crafts have become my addiction, that I am completely obsessed with cross-stitching and knitting. Maybe I am. I do notice that after a little while I’m looking for a fix and I run off to the nearest craft-like store. So maybe my crafts are my drug or anti-drug, however you want to see it. I play with pointy objects and always have a needle of some sort with me. In fact I’m known to bring my craft items, especially socks, to strange places and I am always willing to teach someone how to knit or sew.

I think maybe I should let everyone know a little about me. I am a young twenty something living on Long Island NY working towards my Masters in Library Science. I currently work in a public library as a children’s librarian in training. I hope to become a Librarian I (if you work in libraries you understand) by December when I complete my degree. Yes you need a Masters to become a librarian, and you need to take the civil service exam. No there are no classes on how to shh people. In fact the Masters in Library Science is not one of the easiest Masters to receive.

On top of working towards my Masters full time this semester I am finalizing my wedding plans. Just after the semester ends I will be marrying my long time sweetie! I cannot wait until that day comes! He is an accountant with one of the top four accounting firms, which means long hours and very little free time. He shares my interest in crafty things and he has actually finished a few more cross-stitch pieces than I have. However neither of us has much time to finish anything right now. I think that is why I have become obsessed with socks lately.
Knitted socks do not take me months to finish, which I love! I average about a pair of socks in about two to three weeks depending on how much time I devote to them. I have joined a Jaywalker Knit-A-Long which I have a little icon for but my lack of html knowledge has made it impossible to put on my blog. I will link to it though. Cara at Januaryone has been so kind as to host this huge KAL. I knitted two pairs, and am currently working on a third. I love the pattern and have committed it memory which makes knitting it even more pleasurable. Once I figure out how to include nifty things on this blog I will.

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