Saturday, January 02, 2010

2009 crafting round up

2009 turned out to be a productive crafting year for me completing 21 projects:
Finished in 2009
(click on the photo to see better)

Two mittens, eight lace shawls (three from handspun), four toys, one pair of mitts, two golf club head covers, one hat, three pairs of socks and one sweater.

I learned:
that lining mittens is always the route to go when knitting something stranded
knitted toys always put a smile on people's faces
handspun is always a pleasure to knit with
math is my friend.

I love knitting lace and when I saw that there is a group on Ravelry that challenges you to knit 10 lace shawls in 2010 I jumped right in! This will be a fun challenge for me.

2009 really improved my spinning.
Spun in 2009
(click on the photo to see better)

I took my first spinning class with my guild and was able to try spinning luxury fibers such as angora, bison down, llama, alpaca and mohair. I'm proudest of the last skein I spun, the Sheep 2 Shoe kit from Blue Moon Fiber Arts that will soon become a pair of knee high socks for me. I hope to keep getting better every time I sit down at the wheel and maybe produce a true lace weight, much thinner than the heavier lace I have been spinning.

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