Friday, March 13, 2009

More Handspun

I have one more skein of yarn to show you guys from Handspun February. I bought this beautiful Wool/Silk blend from All Spun Up for my birthday. As soon as it arrived I knew that I had to begin spinning.

Year in Pictures 2.13,.09

Year in Pictures 2.17.09

YIP 2.26.09

YIP 3.03.09

Originally I spun this thinking that the yarn would be perfect for the Laminaria shawl but in the end the yarn was a bit too variegated to show off the wonderful stitches. I also did not get as much yardage as I had hoped. This skein is 650 yards, and about 25 WIP, just a bit shy of the 1000 yards required for the large Laminaria.

Once I realized that this yarn wouldn’t work for what I imagined, I started to think about knitting a lace ribbon scarf. I really like how the pattern looks and thought that maybe I should knit something that is not a shawl for a bit; then the Spring issue of Knitting came out that was the end of all those plans. There she was, Aeolian, all the stars lined up. I have the perfect weight yarn, the perfect yardage, and I even have some beads hanging around the apartment. I think that I’ll stop in my local craft store to see if they have some more colorful beads that match my yarn instead of the clear ones I have.

My only dilemma is do I cast on now or wait until I finish my Peacock Feathers Shawl?


Tuulia said...

That yarn is incredibly beautiful!

Julia said...

Oh my. How I love this. What colorway is the roving? Did you take spinning classes? I've just started learning how to spin on a spindle and am loving it. I can't wait till i can make yarn like you! How long have you been spinning?

Jen said...

So pretty, love the colors - remind me of the sea.