Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ravelympics knitting

The reason that I’ve been so quiet lately is that in July I started my first full time job. I’ve been waiting for over a year to get one; civil service makes it very hard to obtain a full time job, but now that I’m in my job security is pretty high. The summer months are always rough at the libraries with the reading program and all the other programs that we offer; while I love almost every minute of it I still come home pretty often with a splitting headache from all the people and children I see throughout the day. Thankfully things are slowing down here since the programs have ended so things may go back to normal soon. I feel especially bad for Scott since dinner plans have gotten really lax. Between a full day of programs and people, and the unbearable heat we had I just have no desire to cook anymore. I’m in a rut with the recipes I’ve been making because if it takes more than 15 minutes I don’t want to cook. Anyone have any quick easy recipes out there for me?

Thankfully the Ravelympics have really inspired me to finish my languishing Saffron Cables blanket. Scott would always tease me although it is a lovely pattern, I would never actually finish it based on my track record of completing large projects. Before the Ravelympics started I had knitting one pattern repeat done, four days and two mistakes later I’ve finished another pattern repeat! For about 17 rows I crossed one cable in the wrong direction. Thankfully it was easy to fix by isolating the six stitches, frogging them and then by counting the strands from the top down I was able to correctly recross the cables the correct way.
(The upper center cable should be twisting right not left.)

I have been planning on knitting four repeats however if I have enough yarn I may knit a fifth repeat to add more length to the blanket. When I swatched I didn’t measure my gauge so much as find a needle size that produced a fabric that I liked so I’m not too sure if my blanket is coming out smaller than it should but I want a nice piece that my sweetie and I can snuggle underneath. My wrists and even shoulders have been aching because the massive amount of fabric is quite heavy at this point; I’m also hoping that the weight alone will help block and make the fabric grow a bit. My goal is to finish knitting through the final seed stitch border, washing this beast will be a completely different project. My plans are to put it in the washer with some SOAK on delicate cycle and machine dry until just damp then block it on my bed over some towels. That will have to wait for a weekend that I some free time since I anticipate this to be a lengthy process. I have also toyed with the idea of adding an I-Cord border but I am very undecided about this. Any thoughts?

ps. I can once again participate in Project Spectrum!

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