Wednesday, December 19, 2007

What date is it!?!

This Holiday season is kicking my butt. At the beginning of the month I came down with the flu; I’ve never had the flu before and let me tell you it wasn’t fun. Here we are three weeks later and I’m just starting to feel better which means the place is in disarray. There’s cleaning, baking, cooking, shopping and wrapping to be done with about six days left to do it. I’m now regretting keeping my Sunday shift just before Christmas Eve.

I was on track with my Christmas knitting and thought great I’m staying home from work I can knit some and finish gifts. Yeah right, I was passed out for four days. I don’t have any pictures of my mom’s mitts but they should be done tonight. That leaves the mitts for Scott but I’m not sure if I can get them done under the wire especially since I’m currently distracted by the Bird in Hand mittens. I can’t wait to cast on for them in a nice chocolate brown and light blue.

In addition to knitting I’ve been baking and Scott and I decorated the house. There is about 8 dozen cookies done but I still need to make a few more.
Butter cookie trees
Butter Cookies

Toffee Cookies
Toffee Cookies

Waiting to be baked
All done
Everybody’s favorite ‘Bird’s Nest Cookies’

Bad kitty
Nemo’s new favorite spot in the apartment is under the tree skirt which is making me a bit nervous. Every time we come home we hope that the tree is still standing. We did manage to tie it to the wall but it isn’t in a stud so I doubt that it will hold.

Since there are no knitting pictures I’ll show you some more Christmas pictures.
A moment of peace...

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