Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Yarn Love

I was lucky enough to score two skeins of Yarn Nerd 850 MHz from the Loopy Ewe a little while ago:
Autumnal Equinox for myself.

Ting! for hubby’s socks. For those of you keeping count, I now have three skeins of yarn earmarked for Scott’s socks and have only turned the heel on the first sock of one pair.

Speaking of socks, since my Socktoberfest was a bust (I did finish the socks that had deadlines but touched nothing else), I was thinking that my first project that I knit from my own handspun should be a pair of socks since sock knitting started it all. Last week I spun up some Superwash Merino from Spunky Eclectic in “Ravelry.”


I have about 200 yds so I will have to order some more to have enough for a pair of socks. This was a great lesson for me because now I know to write down which ratio I used when spinning the singles. I’m pretty sure I spun this with the 8:1 but it might have been the 10:1. Good news is that my plying is much better and this skein is pretty well balanced. I really love my wheel!


Kristy said...

Your yarn is looking great!

peaknit said...

Your handspun is great - I so need to give that try! Pretty!

Laurie said...

It's wintertime. You NEED lots of sock yarn for insulation.

Beautiful plying!