Friday, April 20, 2007

The Saga of the $400 Sweater

Now I know that many of you will think that I’m crazy to spend that much on making a sweater, honestly I never planned of this costing so much. I purchased 8 skeins of Cascade Heathers in color 2445 (Shire) to make Rogue. In the end I only used about six skeins totaling about $40, plus the $6 for the pattern. How am I getting $400 dollars as the total? Funny you should ask, she is the reason for the price increase.
Injured Stitch
(She was a little beat up from sneaking into the closet without anyone knowing and fighting her way out.)
While I was working on the hood I had a few stitches on a 10” or so piece of Sugar ‘n cream yarn. Stitch was in my lap playing with the needle cord so I started to play with her using the piece of yarn that had held my stitches. She took the piece from me and jumped off the couch; I thought she was about to bat the yarn around, I was wrong. All of a sudden the yarn in her mouth became shorter and shorter. By time I trapped her under the dinning room table she had already swallowed the yarn. A quick phone call to the vet and we were off to remove the swallowed yarn. Since she had not eaten anything other than the yarn, inducing vomiting did not work. Instead the vet had to put her out and remove the yarn with an endoscope resulting in a hefty bill. Thankfully Stitch is alright and quite over this traumatic incident.
The Problem

Without further ado here is my complete Rogue aka the $400 Sweater:
Hood detail:


Kristy said...

Oh, poor cat (and poor you)! My cat ate an 18" ribbon, and we didn't realize it until it had partially come out. Yuck!

Your sweater looks great! Beautiful job :)

Kim said...

Poor Kitty. You'll be reminded of that incident every time you pull Rogue out.

Rogue turned out great, by the way :) Isn't that a fun pattern?