Friday, September 29, 2006

Defeat is an Ugly Word

Well the wedding is tomorrow night and there is only 1 and ½ sides done on the shawl. It is not looking well for the wedding next week either. It is upsetting that I am so close yet so far from being done. There are no pictures of the shawl yet; it is all too disappointing for me to photograph just yet.

I’m sorry for the lack of posting lately; I’m finishing my last semester of grad school and have been taking a beating with all the studying. The program that I am in requires all students to take a comprehensive exam. Students need to pass this exam in order to receive their degree…this aspect is very frightening and stressful. In a month I will be sitting in the lab on campus writing three essays in four hours. Besides the fact that you only have two chances to take the exam, if you fail a second time then you don’t receive your degree, there is just so much to remember from the classes. I will not know if I passed or not until sometime in December. I have been extremely stressed out by this exam that I’m starting to get these horrible headaches every time I study. After the comps in October I have the civil service exam in November, I also need to make up a 1 credit class and finish all the work for my other two classes. So needless to say that there will be very little knitting, stitching and blogging around here in the next month or so. Once everything is done I think I will be stitching on my stocking to help get me in the holiday mood.

You can guess who we are rooting for in the World Series.

These are some pictures I took at the Bronx Zoo when we went in August.


Kim said...

Sorry the shawl isn't coming along as quickly as you would like. Don't let it turn into a chore--you sound like you need a break :)

I had to take comps for my masters too. I don't think that anyone in our group actually finished--they had to physically take everyone's papers away.

When I asked my advisor what I should study she said everything(yeah, that helps). Study, study, study and good luck!

When you are all done we'll have to figure out our Arwen/Aragorn SAL.

Nicola said...

Good luck with your exam, hopefully you'll be able to get back to some stress free knitting when it's all over. Once again, good luck! You can do it!

Dee said...

Love them Kitties....And ahhh the exam.....what can I say other than I know you will do great and I won't see you in Feb!!!!!! ;-)!!

Dee said...

Go Mets!!!